Honda Navi G3 sat-nav mount

The G3 Navi attachment kit is an official Honda accessory that allow a motorcycle GPS to be mounted on the handlebars.


There are several options for mounting a GPS bracket to the NC750X; use a RAM mount, a third party GPS bracket, eg Touratech or use the original Honda OEM bracket.

The Honda part number is 08B70-MJL-D30 and it can be ordered direct from your Honda dealer or on-line.


The Navi kit consists of three parts;

Replacement handlebar clamps. The original handlebar clamp is removed and replaced by two individual clamps. This leave a space between the handlebar clamps.





The Navi bracket. This sits between the new handlebar clamps and allows the GPS specific bracket (not supplied) to be mounted to it. The Navi bracket has an AMPS hole pattern.




GPS screw set. This is a set of bolts and spacers that allow for the sat-nav cradle to be mounted to the Navi bracket.





Fitting of the Navi bracket took approximately 15 minutes. The instructions are NOT provided with the kit; instead, Honda include a piece of paper with a link to a website where the instructions can be viewed/downloaded.


The instructions are fairly comprehensive and include information on fitting the relevant Honda power harnesses to connect the GPS to the bike. Torque settings are provided for the Navi bracket and GPS mounting bolts by Honda have overlooked the torque settings for the original handlebar bolts (22 Nm).

small photo



The Navi GPS bracket is well-made and easy to fit. It allows a GPS to be fitted in the centre of the handlebars just below the clocks. Once mounted the bracket is fixed in position and is very secure.